«Like fine wine, better with time!: 😍💘 Zeta-Jones stole the show with her stunning look»

Everyone will fall in love with her after this! No one could take their eyes off Douglas’s agelessly beautiful wife. Some even double-checked Zeta-Jones’s age!

Towards the unfading femininity and incredible beauty of this iconic actress there is hardly anyone who can stay indifferent. Especially after her recent appearance, the fans’ hearts began to belong to her forever. She chose a daring image which wasn’t vulgar at all and only emphasized her dream figure in an ideal way.

Some network users even started calling her a timeless icon for whom time seems to have never passed. Not only her features and figure, but also her style and charisma made a deep impression on everyone. Neither fans nor haters remained silent.

Nevertheless, there was a number of people who kept accusing her of having undergone multiple plastic surgeries as it was something unbelievable realizing that a woman at 53 can possess such a fantastic body.

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