«One of the 100 people on Earth!: 😮This is what the unique child with a rare hair condition looks like today!»

Do you remember the unusual girl with the «uncombable hair» syndrome? Look what Shayla looks like at 12 whose new photos stormed the Internet!

On April 22, 2010 in Australia Shayla was born. At first, she looked completely like her peers and classmates, yet soon it became quite clear that she was different and surely not like all the others.

It came as a big surprise for her parents to realize that their daughter was unique and that she needed an individual approach. Her hair was utterly impossible to comb and already at the age of 4 the parents had no choice but to take her to a doctors who diagnosed her with such a rare syndrome called «uncombable hair».

This condition is so rare that only 100 people worldwide have been affected. So, Shayla became one of those.  Her hair had a shape of a triangle and was both curly and thick.

Her uniqueness opened new door when her photos went viral the network. More articles were written about her syndrome telling the world about such rare phenomena and encouraging those who are already affected.

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