«One chocolate bar saved her life: 😱The incredible transformation of a hopeless anorexic girl is making headlines»

What saved the life of an anorexic girl will leave you speechless! Anna, who weighed only 29 kilos, shares her mind-blowing journey.

Today’s story is about A. Windley whose diet consisted of consuming one slice of bread every five days and that is all. Believe it or not, her whole life was saved by one piece of chocolate.

Everything started when all her peers and classmates started to tease her for her extra weight and unattractive appearance. This led her to consider her diet and way of life. She urgently cut off many products with the main goal to lose weight and gain attractiveness which, as she believe, would come with lost kilos.

Soon, she grew sick of any food and was diagnosed with anorexia shortly after being hospitalized for a while. Her health was no more in her own hands and she ceased to be the one who controlled her.

Surprisingly, one bar of chocolate miraculously saved her life. One day she couldn’t resist anymore and craved for chocolate. This became fatal for her leading her to continue eating sweet. Soon, her appetite came back and she was on her way to recover.

Now she weighs around 45 kilos and is completely healthy. She is actively engaged in sports, giving her preference to running. Believe it or not, the girl has already found love and there is nothing more she needs for happiness.

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