«From an awkward teen into a hot lady!:😲🤭 This is what plastic surgeries can do to an insecure schoolgirl!»

Classmates bullied her calling «an ugly duckling», but they had no idea that she would become such a hottie one day! A plain teen with braces showed herself after multiple plastic surgeries and caused a furor.

Here is Celine whom all her peers and classmates mocked and laughed at because of her plain and unattractive look. The way the awkward schoolgirl with braces has changed over time will let no single one remain indifferent.

As the time passed she has changed beyond recognition. The girl at whom people laughed and mocked has transformed into a hottie about whom everyone now dreams. She has had her braces off and has undergone multiple beauty procedures for a more attractive look and for gaining self-confidence.

When we compare her old and recent photos, it becomes hardly possible to believe that this is one and the same girl. Look how one girl can change over time and share your opinion.

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