«What depression did to beautiful Lana!: 😱Scandalous snapshots of singer Lana Del Rey caused controversy😬»

Binge eating or depressive episodes? Rounded Lana Del Rey in a bikini is something none of you is ready for! Netizens were speechless to see the singer looking like this.

One of today’s most recognized, successful and influential singers, Lana Del Rey, has recently left absolutely everyone speechless with her transformation. Believe it or not, she has gained over 40 kilos. The reason of her extreme weight gain still remains unknown. Some regard it as the consequence of depression, while the others think she simply loves eating.

As soon as the photographers caught the moment, it instantly went viral coming as a huge surprise for her loyal fans and admirers. The scandalous snapshots of the iconic singer are still being actively discussed on the web.

The opinions of network users differed greatly. Some still considered her a beauty icon, while the others were astonished to see how she has changed. The weight she has gained resulted in her loss of charm and elasticity.

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