«The stars of «Wild Angel» 25 years later!😮 This is how everyone’s favorite Oreiro and Arana appear today»

Can you recall Milagros and Ivo from «Wild Angel»? In this article you will see what the lead characters of our childhood series look like 25 years later.

Perhaps, there was no one back in the 1990s who didn’t watch at least one episode of this hit series which instantly gained popularity and won millions of viewers’ hearts worldwide. Especially the lead characters attracted with their realistic play and incredible love story.

Those who watched all the episodes will definitely recall the legendary soundtrack «Cambio Dolar». As soon as the viewers heard this song, they surely knew the next one hour would be perfect. The leading actors became the main heroes in the fans’ lives too.

Few know that they formed a romantic relationship in real life too, yet their romance failed to last long. Recently, they have seen each other after so many years. To say that their excitement and delight knew no bounds means nothing to say.

While the main actor appeared completely gray-haired and wrinkled like a senior grandpa, Oreiro still captivated millions with her ageless charm and unfading femininity.

The legendary film star is married to Maria Susini with whom he has a daughter named India (2008) and twins named Moro and Jako (2010).

The outstanding actress, in her turn, was married to Pablo Eccari for six years but their union, unluckily, didn’t last long.

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