«The Blue Lagoon» stars 47 years ago and now!: 😮Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins have aged beyond recognition»

Be ready to get surprised when you see how the stars of «The Blue Lagoon» appear now! The viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the main characters 47 years later.

The leading characters of Randal Kleiser’s 1980 film instantly became the beloved film stars among millions of viewers around the Globe. The unearthly beauty and angelic charm of B. Shields let no one stay indifferent. She captivated not only the main hero’s heart, but also those of all the people who were lucky enough to watch her play.

It came as a big surprise to realize that the heartbreaker, in his turn, has already celebrated his 82nd birthday. From a handsome macho he has changed into an ordinary pensioner which, of course, saddened the fans.

To say that their noticeably aged appearance came as a big surprise is nothing to say. Some claim that they both lost their unique charm and grace, while the others still found them attractive and looking fantastic for their age.

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