«Said would fall in love with her again!: 💘🫠The way Giovanna Antonelli appears today came as a big surprise»

Do you remember Jade from «Clone» who broke hearts of millions? This is how age and years have changed the iconic actress!

In the early 2000s there was absolutely no one who didn’t watch at least one episode of this hit Brazilian series. Everyone sincerely admired the unearthly beauty, femininity and charisma of the lead character who could win the hearts of the main heroes.

Many people will hardly believe that G. Antonelli is already 47. She has lately stormed the social media with her new photos showing that time has had no impact on her and she still radiates timeless beauty and unfading femininity.

The shots, however, resulted in mixed opinions. There was a group of people who considered her behavior an act of attracting attention, while the others were convinced that she looked incomparably stunning and that Said would love her again.

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