«No red lips and blonde curls!: 🫢😬What iconic Marilyn Monroe looked like without makeup and classy dresses let no one remain indifferent»

Rare footage of Monroe without red lips and classy dresses! Far not everyone has seen the iconic actress looking like this.

What a big and irreplaceable role M. Monroe had in the industry can hardly be overestimated. No one would deny that she was one of the most iconic, influential and towering figures whose angelically beautiful features and femininity made her one of the beauty icons of the time.

Millions of men were crazy in love with her considering her the epitome of beauty. Meanwhile, far not everyone has seen her without makeup, blonde curls and classy dresses. People’s opinions differ when they see the way the diva appeared as an ordinary woman.

To some, she is the same beauty with mesmerizing eyes and unfading grace. They kept claiming that she didn’t even need a makeup and editing.

While the others were of a completely different opinion. To some, her natural appearance came as a big disappointment for which they definitely weren’t ready starting to question her unearthly beauty and flawness.

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