«The world’s biggest newborn has grown up! 😮 This is how the unique baby born weighing 7 kilos appears as an adult🧐»

Can you recall the newborn weighing 7 kilos? Kevin is already a mature 37-year-old man. See how the world’s most gigantic newborn appears now!

Everyone has probably heard of the incredible story of a baby born weighing more than 7 kilograms. Just imagine his parents’ astonishment when they welcomed their long-awaited baby into this world and realized how unique he was.

As his father was born relatively big too, the couple had some suppositions that their baby would be a slightly heavier, yet they had no idea that he would be born weighing 7 kilos.

Shortly after the arrival of this unusual boy, the whole USA as well as the outside world began mentioning Kevin’s name in newspapers and magazines. This amazing story captivated millions. The little guy was soon dubbed the world’s most gigantic newborn in history.

There is no denying that he has always weighed much more than all his peers. However surprising it might seem, at the age of 12 his height exceeded 1,90.

After having successfully graduated from the university, he started to attend a military college, then began to work in a police station. You may ask about his personal life too. Well, he found the love of his life and is happily married.

Kevin’s current weight is 130 kilos and this doesn’t bother him at all. Some of his relatives hoped that he would achieve big success in sports such as volleyball and basketball, yet he chose another path and regrets nothing.

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