«She was mistaken for a beggar!: 😳😬New disappointing photos of Kate Moss caused a furor among her admirers»

What cigarettes did to a once iconic supermodel! Bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle «spoilt» Kate Moss beyond recognition.

As one of the most accomplished and desirable 1990s’ runway stars, Kate Moss has played a huge role in modeling and will always be dubbed as one of the main icons. Her unearthly beauty and femininity even won the heart of one of the biggest Hollywood heartthrobs, J. Depp.

Nevertheless, as the latest paparazzi snapshots appeared on the network, neither fans nor haters could resist and not to comment on her appearance which left a lot to be desired. Her blackened teeth, dry skin, swollen veins and unattractive look came as a surprise.

This is how netizens commented on her look: «I need eyes which hadn’t seen this», «Time changes even the icons», «What happened to our favorite supermodel?», «You should see psychiatrist, right now!».

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