«Look what you lost, Cassel!: 🤭🔥Tina Kunakey’s «revenge» appearance escaped no one’s attention»

Kunakey pulled herself together and showed what a hottie Cassel left! The public appearance of the model shortly after the scandalous divorce is actively discussed on social media.

Everyone would agree that before getting into a romantic relationship with popular French actor V. Cassel, hardly anyone knew anything about this young model. Tina’s romance with Bellucci’s ex-partner made her famous and now she enjoyed the love and pure admiration of millions.

Just imagine everyone’s great surprise when the celebrity couple deleted all the joint photos on social media and then officially announced their divorce. No one was ready for this and the reason for their separation still remains obscure.

It has become known that shortly after the breakup, the actor didn’t waste time and found a new long-legged beauty, while Tina is still single.

The heartbroken model’s recent appearance caused a stir on the web. «Don’t let anyone make you question your beauty!», «Cassel lost a diamond!», «How gorgeous you are!», «You deserve much better!»

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