«A big nose and double chin!: 😱😬What Sophia Loren looked like before plastic surgeries failed to meet everyone’s expectations»

Be prepared to see Sophia Loren before she had undergone plastic surgeries and gained popularity! It was something even the most loyal fans were not ready for.

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know this icon, one of the most towering and influential Italian movie stars. Loren’s accentuated femininity, incomparable charisma and incredible beauty were the keys to millions of people’s hearts. She was truly a legend who graced our screens with her brilliant skills.

Meanwhile, only few are aware of what she used to look like before her plastic surgery journey and earning worldwide popularity. To say that she looked absolutely different back then means nothing to say. Even her faithful fans were in a great surprise after seeing the following archive photos of the Italian diva.

Her relatively big nose, double chin and absolutely ordinary facial features disappointed those who believed she has always been a beauty icon. It is necessary to mention that like many other stars she underwent beauty procedures in pursuit of a prettier face.

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