«What happened to Cruise’s and Kidman’s adopted children and how they appear 30 years later! 😮🧐»

It was in 1993 that Kidman and Cruise adopted two children. Photographers have spotted them for the first time in many years and showed what already grown-up Isabella and Connor look like.

Not everyone knows that this celebrity couple first encountered on the set of 1990 «Days of Thunder». The Hollywood stars instantly felt a special bond.  Before long, they started a romantic relationship and created a beautiful and exemplary family of which millions could ever dream.

Just imagine their despair and disillusionment when they realized they couldn’t have children. This failed to stop the couple and they adopted two kids through the Church of Scientology. However, soon, they announced their divorce and left the fans in tears and sorrow.

As the actress heartlessly forgot about the kids shortly after their separation, Connor and Isabella stayed with the iconic actor. Regardless of the previous health issues, the actress welcomed two daughters with her second husband, K. Urban.

Tom married K. Holmes and they as well became happy parents of a daughter named Suri. While the children he adopted during the marriage to Nicole have grown and already got married. This is what they look like years later!

It’s Suri in the last photo.  Have a look and share your opinion!

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