«From a public toilet into a dream house!: 😮👏The incredible transformation of an eyesore place into a luxury apartment»

The final result turned everyone’s heads! No one believed that such a miserable public toilet would become a luxury place but now everyone dreams of living here.

Today’s article is about an architect Laura Clark who went speechless after seeing such an «ugly» miserable place which once served as a public toilet. After thoroughly exploring such an unattractive territory, she, surprisingly, saw great potential and started working.

The designer initially planned to establish her own business but some problems occurred and she determined to embark a personal project. He invested 65 000 euros, as well as her motivation, determination and enthusiasm in it.

The individual approach she inserted as well as her preferences eventually paid off. There were already stylish cupboards in a minimalistic style, a comfortable sofa, a sophisticated coffee table and luxurious and carefully-chosen furniture.

The creative architect’s brilliant sense of style and originality made this miserable place a luxurious flat.

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