«Who stole the heart of Tommy from «Peaky Blinders»?: 😲 What Cillian Murphy’s wife looks like sparked reaction»

Thomas Shelby showed his real-life wife and horrified the fans. The whole Internet is discussing the woman who became actor Cillian Murphy’s biggest love!

This charismatic and successful actor’s great film roles and incomparable talent made him one of the most accomplished and sought-after film stars worldwide. However, little is known about his personal life. Here are some details which will surely not escape anyone’s close attention.

The celebrity couple first met during the play «Disco Pigs» which became the very start of their long-lasting and harmonious relationship. The spouses share two children together and still look at each other with eyes full of pure love and dedication.

They don’t often make public appearance and are not active on social media at al. For the most part, the family enjoys their time in Ireland and prefers privacy and being far away from the public eye.

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