«Shame on you, Selena!: 😬 Posing in a wet bikini on a luxe yacht, the pop singer left no room for imagination🔥»

Show business spoilt her too! Gomez forgot what modesty is and did something none of her followers were ready for. The pop singer drove all men crazy with her curvy body in a tiny bikini!

One of the most popular singers made a furor by posting some of her spicy bikini shots. They immediately hit the network making her one of the most talked-about media stars. The way she posed in a wet bikini came as an unexpected turn.


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It is visible even to the naked eye that she gained much weight and looks far not the same. The scandalous snapshots from holidays caused mixed opinions on network. The fans who didn’t expect to see her like this found no words to express their surprise.

«Something unexpected from her! She is definitely unpredictable!», «Where is our favorite Selena?», «I can hardly recognize my childhood’s biggest idol».

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