«And he left Jolie for her?: 😱 Pitt got into his first serious relationship after the scandalous divorce from Jolie 🧐»

Pitt officially introduced his girlfriend and caused a furor among Jolie’s fans. Dissatisfied and in surprise, they claimed that the Hollywood actor’s new lover can never replace his ex-wife.

The renowned actor first introduced his new girlfriend to the public and raised many questions. Given the fact that Pitt’s new partner became a much younger girl immediately sparked reaction among network users.

As far as we are concerned, it is the very first relationship that the famous actor got into after his divorce. Media claims that the couple started dating already a year ago without even trying to deny that they will get married one day.

«Am I the only one who actually likes this couple?», «I am glad that he found his biggest love!», «What a cool couple! I wish them nothing but happiness and harmony!».

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