«What happened to a once bombshell?: 😱This is what age and personal drama have done to beautiful Brigitte Fonda»

People called her one of the hottest 90s’ women but look at her now! After being out of the spotlight for around 10 years, Brigitte Fonda came back as an obese and unattractive housewife!

After being out of the spotlight for around 10 years, B. Fonda made rare public appearance and left the netizens speechless. The way one of the most desirable actresses of the 1990s has changed escaped no one’s attention.

She has brilliantly played multiple film roles which established her as a renowned and successful movie star. She even starred alongside N. Cage in «Lucky Chance». As one may see, she has embraced natural ageing and laid-back style.

The viewers who remembered her playing Yvonne in  «Happy Occasion» now can hardly recognize her.

«Words are not enough to express my disappointment!», «What time has done to a 90s’ bombshell!», «How can we unsee this?», «From a hottie into an obese stay-at-home mom», «She completely let herself go!».

The comments section was full of negative and offensive opinons about the outstanding actress’s transformation. Some still strongly refuse to believe that she could have changed like this. She didn’t meet public’s expectations, as we see.

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