«The living doll has grown up!: 😮🧐The way the baby with a Barbie-like face has changed came as a big surprise🤐»

People called her the girl with the prettiest face in the world! She has grown up and no one was prepared to see how Amalya appears now!

Meet Amaya Jade who captivated millions with her Barbie-like appearance. Her angelically beautiful look left no one remain indifferent. Her long lashes, magnificent eyes and adorable curls were long admired by people worldwide.

Meanwhile, a number of netizens accused her parents of using editing and retouching in order to attract followers and gain popularity. All the rumors disappeared when people saw her siblings who had such lashes and eyes too.

Her recent photos quickly became the subject of discussions. It is needless to say that she still looks pretty, yet many still think that nothing has left of the living doll.

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