«Before plastic surgery journey!: 😲How Donatella Versace transformed herself into a human waxwork»

What a crime it was to spoil such beauty! This is what multiple plastic surgeries have done to Donatella Versace! Here are her archive photos that only few have seen!

There is probably no one who, at least, hasn’t heard of this renowned and accomplished designer. Her significant contribution and incredible talent can hardly be overestimated. She surely is one of the main fashion icons of today.

However, far not everyone knows what she used to look like before her «devastating» plastic surgery journey. As soon as her archive photos hit the network, the fans could find no words to express their astonishment.

Her rare snapshots came as a big surprise for all netizens and instantly went viral. Netizens were quick to leave comments on her natural appearance.

«She spoilt herself irreversibly!», «What a beauty she used to be!», «How is it even the same woman?», «I can’t imagine how many men were crazy in love with her back then..».

Her appearance before all surgeries became the topic of heated discussions. People wondered why she ruined her beauty and became «an alien-like creature» whose appearance now gives everyone goosebumps.

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