«A future supermodel! 💘🔥 The way Paul Walker’s only daughter appears 10 years after her father’s passing escapes no one’s attention»

Daddy’s little princess has grown up and is ready to steal hearts! This is what the heiress of the iconic «Fast and Furious» actor looks like today!

You all have probably heard of Meadow, the adorable heiress of the late actor of «Fast and Furious». Believe it or not, many years have already passed since the tragic passing of the iconic film star and his little princess is already 24.

It is worth mentioning that Meadow was only 15 when she experienced the biggest loss of her life – the departure of her precious father. It was no secret that they shared a special bond and the legendary man even had a tattoo bearing her name.

It was quite obvious that Meadow possessed incredibly beautiful features even when she was still a little girl. Now, the girl has grown up and is ready to steal hearts. She has already tried her hand in modeling which is not surprising at all.

She is passionate about traveling, leads an active lifestyle and extensively does volunteering which is worth our admiration. Her new photos made a splash immediately becoming the subject of discussions.

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