«What did he find in her?: 😬 Keanu Reeves’s long-time girlfriend’s appearance resulted in mixed reactions»🤯

«The Matrix» actor showed his future wife and left everyone speechless! The fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the woman who could steal the Hollywood macho’s heart!

The non-standard appearance of the future wife of one of the world-renowned and successful Hollywood actors never ceases to be the topic of heated discussions. Netizens keep wondering how the heartthrob fell in love with such a plain woman.

Just imagine the fans’ astonishment when the Hollywood macho showed his senior mother who, surprisingly, looked much younger than the iconic film star’s beloved woman.

«How on Earth is it possible that his mother looks much younger than his fiancée?», «And what did he find in her I wonder?», «A Hollywood macho chose a plain woman like her? How come?».

«What a well-groomed and elegant woman his mother is! I can’t take my eyes off this beauty!», «His future wife has a lot to learn from his mother», «I have no words to express my disappointment».

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