«It’s time to pray!: 😢🙏 The latest news and exclusive photos of Bruce Willis are making headlines on the network»

The fans’ hearts broke when they saw what dementia has done to their favorite actor! Incurably ill Willis’s daughter shared heartfelt footage with her dad and saddened everyone!


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We are afraid to inform you, our dear readers, that the terrible disease that B. Willis is diagnosed with is continuously progressing. The latest news about his condition has been shared by one of his heiresses and instantly caused a furor.

His ex-wife, actress Demi Moore, has regretfully admitted that the actor didn’t recognize her anymore. It is worth mentioning that the ex-spouses had happily been married for 13 years and share three charming daughters.

«My heart just broke into thousands of pieces!», «Wish God could save you, Willis!», «It’s high time to pray!», «You lost your memory, but we will never forget your contribution to the industry!», «No good news..», «I burst into tears when I saw him like this», «Time is merciless!», «How unfair life sometimes can be..», «Never lose the hope!», «You will always remain the most favorite actor for us».

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