«For her mother Goldie Hawn’s 78th birthday, Kate Hudson writes a heartfelt letter.»💔💌

Kate Hudson doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions about other individuals. Recently, the actress used social media to share information about her mother, Goldie Hawn, with the world. To find out more about what transpired, continue reading! Kate Hudson is open about her affection for her mother. The 44-year-old actress is incredibly fond of her mother. Yesterday was Goldie Hawn’s birthday, and Hudson used the occasion to honor her mother.

Hudson celebrated her mother’s 78th birthday by posting a compilation video of her. There were cute glimpses of the well-known actress in the amusing video.
“A woman that is joyful to be around!” Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, inspiring, and fun mother ✨,” Kate captioned her Instagram photo.

Wearing sunglasses and a large bow, Hawn opens up a multicolored umbrella in the shade at the start of the video. After that, images of the mother and daughter together appear in the video.
In another video clip, Hawn can be seen dancing on a boat as her daughter watches from the pier. It would make a very funny video!
“Gogo, you are very loved.🥳 Join me in defining Gogo words, and let’s celebrate with a heartfeltHBD.”  “I have an amazing word for you today, @goldiehawn,” the actress continued.
ShutterstockThe actress adores her mother. Seeing how close the two ladies are to one another as mother and daughter truly makes your heart sing. Goldie Hawn is adored by her grandkids as well, who call her Gogo, in addition to her daughter.

Many of Kate’s friends, who are just as well-known as the actress, left their well-wishes for the renowned actress in the famous video.
“Goldie, happy birthday ❤️” Leslie Mann made a statement.
“Happy Birthday, Goldie! The most amazing queen of happiness and love, @goldiehawn!” Rachel Zoe, a fashion designer, wrote.

Kate Hudson sent her mother, Goldie Hawn, such a lovely birthday greeting. How do you feel about the sincere message she left next to the video? Tell us in the comments below. Tell others about this if you know anyone who likes these two gorgeous women!































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