«Brave Sharon Stone, 65, displays her ass in a recent “natural” bikini picture.»😳😮

The 65-year-old actress showed off her beach figure on Instagram on Wednesday, giving her followers a little treat for Hump Day in the process.

Sharon Stone taking a mirror selfie in a bikini
Wearing a green thong bikini with a leopard print design, Stone lifted her phone, exposed her almost nude behind, and posed for a photo in front of her full-length mirror.
The “Basic Instinct” actress, who didn’t seem to be wearing makeup, let her short blond hair fall to rest on top of her black eyeglass frames.

Sharon Stone
Given the presence of a coffee table, couch, armchair, and other artwork behind her, it appeared as though she was in her living room.
However, the seductive shot’s background didn’t pique followers’ interest.

Sharon Stone standing topless in a bathing suit.
“Young lady still has it 🤘🏼💚”,” “Wow, don’t harm them! 🔥❤️😎 Ama” ng!” and “Iconic!” were among the remarks made underneath the upload.

Sharon Stone
The majority of social media users complimented the “always inspirational” actress on her “beautiful and natural” figure, despite a few ageist insults.”You look amazing, Sharon, at any age. Do what you’re doing and ignore those who criticize you. You look amazing, toned, and well ❤️,” exclaimed one more admirer.

Sharon Stoneh
Her well-known pals also lavished her with praise.

What do you think of her bravety?

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