«The groom even closed his eyes:🙈Jeff Bezos’s bride tried on a very short dress for her engagement.»😳

It is known that J. Bezos and his fiancee left their families for each other.

 «Жених даже прикрыл глаза»: Невеста Джеффа Безоса примерила на собственную помолвку сильно короткое платье

Then the billionaire left his wife, with whom he had lived for twenty-five years, and went to the sultry beauty Lauren. The time had come for the couple to get engaged, and in honor of this, they held a private party in a luxurious mansion, where A-list stars were invited.

Unfortunately, journalists were not allowed into this celebration, but the bride’s friend published several shots where she showed Lauren in a short, tight dress that was about to tear her.

This outfit was considered too racy. In addition, the dress stood out with a large neckline, so you could easily see all her charms.

However, it should be noted that such an image emphasizes her chiseled figure, and it is impossible to believe that she is fifty-three years old.

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