«She Holds Me In Her Arms😆:The Female Powerlifter Displayed Unusual Pictures With Her Husband!»♥

Introducing the 32-year-old Russian powerlifter Natalya Kuznetsova, dubbed the “Russian Amazon.” She has become well-known in the post-Soviet era thanks to her extraordinary strength and distinct beauty, gaining over a million Instagram followers.

Natasha rarely discusses her personal life with anyone, but she just gave her spouse access to some unusual pictures. Natasha is lifted into her husband’s arms in the photos, displaying another aspect of the powerlifter.

Her happiness is evident in the captions, where Natasha describes how her husband loves and carries her. Not every response on the internet has been kind, though. Some statements, such as “She’s too heavy,” and inquiries over the partner’s selection convey doubts about the connection.

Conversely, other people value the couple’s contentment and agree that their feelings for one another are what matter most.

There are differing viewpoints. What do you think of this peculiar couple?

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