Parents Are Terrified: 😱 The Man Underwent 20 Surgery Procedures to Have His Drem Look andAppearance:🙄 How had he looked before ?(Photos)

Meet Mateo Blanco, a young guy who has spent over $300,000 and more than 20 plastic surgery procedures to get the looks he’s always wanted.

When his mother saw him after the surgeries, she was overcome with emotion and sobbed for days.

When they viewed Mateo’s pre-surgery photo, online users expressed shock and pity for his mother, who gave him life and spent many nights worrying about him.

Comments on Mateo’s appearance following the procedures were as varied as worries about the effect on his mental health.

Some asked if he was happy with the outcome, while others wondered who would find his new look appealing.


Diverse viewpoints on Mateo’s trip are evident in the online debates.

What do you think about Blanco’s dramatic change?

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