«She is Gorgeous!😍😯What Does the 72-Year-Old Mother of Enrique Iglesias Look Like?»

Enrique Iglesias’ mother, Isabel Preysler, is 72 years old and still enthralls people with her classic beauty.

Her adventure began when Spanish musician Julio Iglesias became enamored with her unusual charm, and they chose to forgo social conventions to establish a family.

Isabel’s affluent father was initially skeptical, but their marriage worked well, and they had three children—including the well-known Enrique.

But because of Julio’s adultery, their marriage became strained, and Isabel bravely decided to file for divorce. Isabel welcomed fresh starts and made four more trips down the aisle, unfazed by heartbreak.

Even now, as she ages gracefully into her seventies, people are still in awe of Isabel’s beauty.

What fans want to know is if Enrique Iglesias looks a lot like his gorgeous mother.

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