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A unibrow, medically termed Synophrys and called jacco brow or monobrow, is not a novel idea. Although it is uncommon in the West, several well-known individuals, like Frida Kahlo, have flaunted theirs. Interestingly, having a unibrow can be viewed as attractive and occasionally as a sign of masculinity, purity, or good fortune in some regions of the world. For example, ladies in Tajikistan go above and beyond to obtain a unibrow if they were not born with one. The country is renowned for being the unibrow capital of the world.

Model Sophia Hadjipanteli Leads The Unibrow Movement
Unibrows are linked to Cornelia de Lange syndrome, even though they are not officially classified as defects in medicine. Additionally, it may indicate the existence of an underlying illness. Though ubiquitous in Asian culture, the unibrow is viewed as aberrant in America and Europe, where most individuals shave it off. Many people find the sight weird because they are not exposed to the condition.

Sophia Hadjipanteli is the unibrowed model leading a beauty revolution |  Beauty, Unibrow, Bare beauty
This is the reason why trolls who find the model unsettling have taken offense at her, despite her reputation for questioning conventional wisdom in the fields of beauty and fashion. Greek-Cypriot model Sophia Hadjipanteli shows off her unibrow on social media. The 26-year-old talked candidly about how her advocacy has forced her to deal with hateful comments from trolls on her social media accounts daily.

Unibrow model Sophia Hadjipanteli's powerful message to her ...
Sophia Hadjipanteli is well-known for her unibrow, which she shows off whenever she can. She is the creator of the pro-body-positive #UnibrowMovement. Hadjipanteli receives daily trolling for her unibrow, although not everyone finds it acceptable.
The model talked about her encounters with people who disliked her unibrow and urged her to get rid of it. “Sadly, so many people tell me to die online,” the woman remarked. “I receive hate mail daily. Since I think they are simply used to seeing someone embrace and flaunt something they find “textbook unattractive,” I don’t even keep track of them anymore.

Unibrow model Sophia Hadjipanteli wows fans with glamorous red carpet look  - Wales Online
Hadjipanteli went on, “I don’t do this for attention; I do this because I like how it looks,” adamant that no one has the authority to change her into someone she doesn’t want to be or vice versa.

Hadjipanteli, who was teased in school due to her unibrow, claims she is no longer vulnerable to internet trolling. She acknowledged that the reason she continues to raise her eyebrows is to agitate her critics even more.

Brow down! Unibrow model Sophia Hadjipanteli dazzles in rhinestone gown at  Cannes Film Festival | Daily Mail Online
Hadjipanteli looked straight at the camera in a video that she uploaded to Instagram, her brows visible.

Meet Sophia Hadjipanteli, a Model Who Doesn't Let a Razor or Tweezers Touch  Her Face and Rocks Her Iconic Body Hair / Bright Side

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