«Everything sparkles and shines,even her car💎: Kim Kardashian appeared in a transparent top made of crystals, under which all her charms are visible.»💣💫

Kim Kardashian is not only an attractive woman. She has the right to be called a trendsetter because it is difficult to find a beauty more beautiful than hers.

The diva always appears in bright, and most importantly, expensive, outfits, so many want to make her the face of a brand. So, Swarovski recently opened a new store, and Kim herself was at this special event. That’s why she appeared in a transparent top made of crystals and a miniskirt.

Thanks to this very transparency, all the charms given to her by Mother Nature were visible. Her hair was styled in a high updo, which suited this beauty. In addition to the already expensive outfit, she also arrived at the event in a car decorated with diamonds.

Fans, as always, admired the appearance of their favorite. However, other users do not understand why this feigned luxury is needed.

What do you say about this?

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