«Beautiful rose with thorns: Naomi Campbell starred completely naked, her body was decorated with needles.»😲🔥

The beauty of N. Campbell has still not lost its relevance. And this is even though the model is already fifty-three years old and is the mother of two children.

It’s hard to imagine how such a beauty manages to stay on trend, but people want to see her face in advertising for famous brands. So, recently, for advertising purposes, in one of the pictures she appeared completely naked, but her entire body was decorated with small spikes.

The hair styling gave off a certain natural wildness but taken together in this image, every detail looked harmonious. The model herself was filmed for an advertisement for jeans, which did not stop the brand from capturing the beauty without anything.

Fans are crazy about these photos, as they wrote in the comments.“The most beautiful model”, “I’m crazy about her beauty”, “Beautiful rose with thorns”, “Queen”, “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” and “We need more such gorgeous photographs,” write her admirers.

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