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Australian-born model Stefania Ferrario, 24, is defying beauty standards and causing a stir in the fashion world.

Her height of 173 cm, chest of 98, waist of 69, and hips of 98 are outside the traditional 90-60-90 model measurements, but this hasn’t stopped her from succeeding.

Stefania, who sells lingerie and swimwear, frequently posts positive images to Instagram that show off her curves and exude confidence.

The idea that models have to fit a certain size or shape is challenged by Stefania’s presence in a society that values diversity more and more.

Her accomplishments highlight the growing acceptance of the body-positive movement, which promotes self-love regardless of physical appearance.

The body-positive movement, which encourages people to accept and value bodies of all shapes and sizes, has gained popularity worldwide since 2016.

Stefania leads the charge in this movement, claiming her identity as a model and rejecting the term “plus-size model.”

Stefania has expressed her displeasure with the word “plus size” in several interviews, arguing that it violates her rights.

“I am proud to be called a model; this is my profession,” she declares with confidence. Many people identify with her push for tearing down labels, which is driving a change in how society views beauty ideals.

Stefania Ferrario affirms that models of all shapes and sizes have a place on the catwalk, a symbol of empowerment in a society where inclusivity and diversity are becoming more and more important.

Her acceptance of her attractive form promotes a more tolerant and inclusive view of beauty.


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