💏«Kit Harington and Naomi Scott share a passionate kiss for the first time!»😍

On Wednesday, Kit Harington and Naomi Scott were spotted together on the Little Venice set of Eternal Return, sharing a passionate kiss.

The thirty-year-old actress of Anatomy of a Scandal and the thirty-year-old Game of Thrones star, 36, were photographed filming the upcoming movie together. The couple are happily married.

Intense: Kit, who plays the character Virgil, and Naomi, who plays Cass, was pictured sharing a passionate kiss on the canal

A passionate kiss on the canal was spotted between Kit, who plays Virgil, and Naomi, who plays Cass.
Naomi, who is married to football player Jordan Spence, kissed the actor while putting her arm around Kit’s shoulder, acting totally in character.

The couple set the mood with passion and tremendous emotion in the exclusive photos that MailOnline was able to secure.

The actress paired a yellow roll-neck sweater, khaki pants, and burgundy-heeled boots with an antique plaid coat.

Steamy: In the exclusive shots obtained by the MailOnline, the pair set the scene with passion and intense emotion

Naomi carried a large padded coat to be warm between shots and always carried a water bottle with her.

In the meantime, Kit changed into a vintage jumper and accessorized with a chic gray overcoat and an antique, old-fashioned scarf.

Kit and Naomi continued filming dramatic scenes as night fell, and they were seen strolling through the streets arm in arm.

Passion: Naomi got stuck into character as she rested her arm on Kit's shoulder while kissing the actor

The role that 74-year-old actor Simon Callow plays in the movie is unknown, although he was also spotted on site wearing a heavy black cloak.

After getting married in 2018, Kit and Rose welcomed their second child in July. They already have a two-year-old boy.

The couple hasn’t disclosed their daughter’s name or any other information about her birth to the public, just like they didn’t with their little son.

In contrast to their more “romantic” approach to fatherhood when they were expecting their son, the Eternals star acknowledged in March that he and Rose had been more “practical” during her second pregnancy.

Vintage: Meanwhile, Kit transformed into a retro jumper, paired with a vintage old-style scarf and a smart grey overcoat

‘We’re extremely practical about it at the moment,’ he said to Entertainment Tonight. And, to be honest, perhaps too sensible.

Intense: As the night turned dark, Kit and Naomi continued to film intense scenes and was spotted arm and arm while walking through the streets

Because you’re always around, my mother claims she never really remembers us as young children or the early years of parenting. I believe that children enable you to be present at the moment as they give you no other option.




















































































































































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