«Who is the ugliest person in the world?😨He is even married! Let’s find out together!»😱

The world’s ugliest individual is Godfrey Baguma. The 53-year-old citizen of Uganda has an unidentified medical ailment that has disfigured his face, giving him an ugly appearance.

ugliest person in the world

In an attempt to support his family financially, Baguma entered a competition in 2002 to find the ugliest person in Uganda.

Godfrey Baguma in 2023 - The Ugliest Man In World

This brought him to the attention of the public. He emerged victorious and has held the title ever since. Godfrey Baguma has eight children from three marriages.

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Baguma is a comedian, singer, and public speaker these days.

Ugliest Guy In The World 2013

Ssebabi is his stage name.















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