«Forget about the mini🙅‍♀️! 65-year-old Sharon Stone ran into criticism on the Internet because it’s impossible to look at her with admiration.»

Sharon Stone is no longer a little girl, so she can afford to look youthful. However, it seems that users do not know this and continue to write barbs about her on the Internet.

The actress was recently spotted going for a walk. The paparazzi captured the celebrity in a T-shirt, sneakers, and green mini-shorts, making it easy to see her wrinkled old legs. Many fans expressed the opinion that she looks good at 65, which did not stop others from criticizing her for her appearance and revealing outfit.

“Sharon, you should forget about minis!”; “She’s not young to wear something like that”; “Why show everyone your old legs?”; “After 50, you can’t wear minis”; “But I think she’s beautiful until now”, It looks good for his age”, “If he wants it, let him wear it. This is her business,” fans write.


What do you say about this?

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