«What Do the Photographs of Sting’s Two Wives and His Six Children From “Sting Started an Affair With His Wife’s Friend” Look Like?😏»

The 80s and 90s musical icon Sting had a noteworthy personal life. Lifestyle problems caused his first marriage to actress Frances Tomelty to dissolve. After that, he started seeing the actress Trudie Styler, whom he thought was fascinating. They had a covert romance in 1977, even though they were friends with his first wife.

With three kids from each of his three marriages, Sting is a father of six. Joe, his oldest son, is an accomplished musician and one of the founders of an IT business.

While Bridget Michel (Mickie Sumner) is a successful film actress, Fuchsia Katherine pursues acting. Paulina, Eliot’s daughter, is a successful model and actress in the entertainment industry, while Jake pursues a career in cinematography.

The family currently resides in New York and has homes in Scotland and Tuscany. Even with his legendary reputation, Sting still has a strong love for gardening and raising organic vegetables.

He runs a modest winery and vines in Tuscany.

Even at his advanced age, Sting still performs and writes songs, displaying boundless inspiration and drive.

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