«What Do the Kids Who Haven’t Been Spoiled With Social Life Look Like in “Julia Roberts’ Adult Twins”?»❤                             

The well-known actress Julia Roberts and her spouse, Daniel Moder, place a high value on raising their three kids without the frills of an opulent lifestyle. Despite her widespread celebrity, Roberts emphasizes hands-on care and has a practical approach to parenting.

After meeting on a film shoot, the pair married in July 2002. They had a boy named Henry in June 2007 and twins Hazel and Finneas on November 28, 2004.

Roberts did not use nannies; instead, she took care of her children herself, letting them help with duties as they grew. Roberts, who starred in movies like “The Mexican,” kept her family life low-key and preferred peaceful evenings with her kids to fancy gatherings.

For a long time, her children were blissfully ignorant of her celebrity position.
Roberts uses a specific chamber for talking about consequences and a non-violent yet severe disciplinary strategy.

At the age of twelve, Hazel gave her hair to Wigs For Kids, a charity that helps kids with cancer, as a kind gesture. In July 2022, the family celebrated their 20th anniversary and reached a new milestone when 18-year-old Finneas and Hazel started college at the University of California, Berkeley.

While Finneas studies computer and information sciences, Hazel explores the fine arts.

Fans are excited for Julia Roberts’ upcoming roles, and she may have more time for new endeavors now that her children are growing up.














































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