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Recently, mummies and papyrus from the “Book of the Dead” were discovered in a 3,500-year-old Egyptian cemetery.
The cemetery is said to have originated in the New Kingdom, an ancient Egyptian state that flourished from the sixteenth to the eleventh centuries BCE, according to a statement from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Papyrus Containing Egyptian Book Of The Dead Found Alongside Mummies At Ancient  Cemetery | IFLScience
The cemetery is situated in Tuna el-Gebel, central Egypt, and according to the organization, it holds “hundreds of archaeological finds, including amulets, ornaments, and stone and wooden coffins containing mummies.”

3,500-year-old mummies found in Egypt cemetery, photos show | Miami Herald
The cemetery was discovered relatively recently, according to archaeologists from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, who have been excavating the site since 2017. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, among the preserved bodies found at the site were those of “Jahuti Miss,” the “supervisor of the bulls of the Temple of Amun,” and “Mrs. Nani,” a temple singer.

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An engraving on another casket claimed to belong to “Mrs. Ta-de-Isa,” who the group said was the daughter of “Eret Haru,” the high priest of the Djehuti deity.
In another location, a fragment of papyrus was found that mentioned the “Book of the Dead,” an old Egyptian manuscript that assisted the deceased in transitioning to the afterlife.

Archaeologists find a rare Book of the Dead scroll in an ancient Egyptian  temple | SYFY WIRE
The ancient paper, which measured between 43 and 49 feet, was reported as being in “good condition” by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.



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