«Try not to smile when you see Maureen McCormick, who portrayed Marcia on “The Brady Bunch,”☺! Today she celebrates her 67th birthday.»

Maureen McCormick’s most well-known role is that of Marcia Brady in the wildly popular television series “The Brady Bunch.” When the show had its premiere, she was only 13 years old.

Brady Bunch' star Maureen McCormick says her parents almost turned her in  to the cops while star battled drug abuse | Fox News

The well-liked sitcom in America ran for five seasons. By the end of the previous season, McCormick was eighteen. The child star returned many years later to reprise her role as Marcia in the spin-off series “The Brady Brides,” which followed the success of the television reunion film “The Brady Girls Get Married.

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“The well-known television personality made an unexpected comeback alongside her co-star, actress Eve Plumb, who portrayed the character of Jan Brady on the show.McCormick will celebrate her 67th birthday on August 5, 2023. She let her brother, who is disabled, blow out a candle to mark the historic event.

Maureen McCormick on X: "My brother Denny and his roommate who live in a  group home have just tested positive for #COVID . I would truly appreciate  your thoughts and prayers for

After witnessing her brother struggle in a video that she posted on Instagram, the actress asked him if they could extinguish the flame together, and he agreed. When it was over, they all applauded. The Los Angeles native wrote, “Thank you so much for all the beautiful birthday wishes,” as in the photo’s description.

Maureen McCormick on X: "So grateful to celebrate my brother Denny's 72nd  Birthday. Time is precious.💞 https://t.co/yeRxHSbKoM" / X

That was one wonderful evening.” The comment “This is the cutest video ever” was made by a fan.

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