💔«It’s a Heartbreaking Story ! Tallulah, the daughter of Bruce Willis, knew for a long time that something was off.»😧

Growing up in the “long shadows” of her famous parents, Tallulah Willis wrote a poignant and perceptive article about her difficulties with mental health. Her essay is especially poignant when it comes to her father’s battle with dementia.
In the article for Vogue, she describes how, when she was just 11 years old, the internet hurt her self-perception and led to a lifetime of emotional struggles, including anorexia.

After years of treatment, Tallulah, who is deeply self-aware, explores her process of accepting her father’s neurological degeneration.
She claims that although her family discovered earlier this year that Bruce’s aphasia was a symptom of frontotemporal dementia, a more serious neurological condition, she had noticed warning signals of a problem much earlier. Her family initially revealed Bruce’s aphasia in 2022.

Tallulah remarked, “But I’ve known that something was wrong for a long time.” “First, there was a vague lack of response that the family attributed to hearing loss in Hollywood. They said, ‘Speak up!'” Dad’s ears were tampered with by Die Hard.
“Later, that unresponsiveness broadened, and I sometimes took it personally,” she said. After Dad had two children with Emma Heming Willis, my stepmother, I assumed he was no longer interested in me.

Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah pens heartfelt message about his aphasia  battle - Mirror Online
My teenage brain tortured itself with some incorrect arithmetic, even though this couldn’t be further from the truth: “I’m not interesting enough for my father, and I’m not pretty enough for my mother.”She continues, describing how her battles with mental illness made it difficult for her to face the truth about her father’s situation. She characterizes this as a sort of “avoidance and denial that I’m not proud of.”

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She battled anorexia at the time and stated, “By the spring of 2022, I weighed about 84 pounds.”
Towards the end of the essay, she writes with hope that “he still knows who I am and lights up when I enter the room.”
“I keep flipping between the present and the past when I talk about Bruce: he is, he was, he is, he was,” writes Tallulah. That’s because I’m hesitant to let go of my aspirations for my father. I’ve always thought that I have traits of his personality, and if only we had more time together, I think we would be such wonderful friends.”

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