«This child had enough skin on him at birth in 1993 to make him a five-year-old.😳 However, it is hard to look at him now without crying.»😮

At Newsner, we have shared many amazing tales over the years of unique kids who triumphed against great adversity. However, not many tales have moved our readers’ emotions as much as Tom Tennet’s story. As some may recall, Tomm had enough skin on him at birth to cover a kid who was five years old.

The young child was born with such wrinkles that the doctors claimed they had never seen anything like it. Tomm’s father, Geoff Tennent, said to 60 Minutes Australia in 2003, “When he came out, I was quite shocked… I didn’t think a human, or a baby, could ever look like that.”

It has been a rough road for Tomm and his family since his extraordinary birth, but when we see him now in 2021, it is hard not to cry. An exceptional youngster, Tennent’s parents knew right away that their son would be unique from the moment of his 1993 birth in South East Australia. But none could have predicted, before the birth, that their child would be referred to as a medical enigma. Ultrasonography revealed, nonetheless, that certain things were not quite right. Tomm’s parents were uncertain about whether to retain the child after learning this.

The severity of Tom’s illness was beyond anyone’s imagination, even with all the testing and regular exams. When his parents first saw him, they acknowledged that they were taken aback. Debbie Tennent, Tomm’s mother, was taken aback when her son was laid on her breast in the delivery room. It was nice to take him up and cuddle him, but at the same time, her heart was racing.

Medical enigma
The child with extra skin at birth and wrinkles was a mystery to doctors. There was no cure or therapy for Tom’s extra skin because the cause could not be identified. Initially, all they could do was pray that he would eventually grow into his skin as he got older.

It was undoubtedly a very difficult period for the Tennent family. With all that goes along with it, no parent of a newborn wants to spend months in the hospital. Nonetheless, Geoff and Debbie discovered renewed vitality in their robust baby son. Tom never changed from being a charming toddler who had no idea about his illness.

During this period, medical professionals persisted in exerting every effort to resolve Tom’s health issues. They eventually uncovered something surprising after delving deeper.

The Chinese canine breeds Shar Pei, and Tomm’s appearance was compared by the experts. They found some answers thanks to that finding.

Furthermore, there is still not much information available regarding Tom’s current life on social media. It looks from his Facebook that he is now married to Hannah, the love of his life. The pair appears content with one another, and it appears that they call Frankston, a Melbourne suburb in Victoria, Australia, home.

“Life is easy. One of Tom’s Facebook quotes, “You make choices, and you don’t look back,” very well captures his entire philosophy and way of life.

Isn’t it amazing to see him now sporting the same radiant smile that he had twenty years ago?

Tom inspires me so much! I’m thrilled that he appears to be leading a happy life and that he has a wonderful family that treats him just like any other child.






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