😱«One follower called David Beckham “very sick” for kissing his daughter’s lips. It’s really abnormal!!!»😠🤬

Both of them faced backlash for kissing their kids on the lips. Critics consider it abnormal. Despite this, the couple has provided their four children with an “affectionate” yet “strict” environment to grow up in.

David Beckham kisses daughter Harper, 7, on the lips AGAIN as they watch Women's World Cup

Hollywood power couple David and Victoria Beckham’s long-lasting union has endured its share of challenges, including fidelity claims. “David claimed that his future wife had never been a football fan, even though she was present at the game at the time in Manchester United’s player lounge.

You Are Very Sick!': David Beckham Slammed for Kissing Harper on Lips — He & Wife Victoria Are 'Affectionate' Parents

She must have noticed me when I first saw her since the next week she attended a different game. She certainly had a reason for being there, and I prayed it was me.

David Beckham criticized for kissing daughter… on the lips – Sofascore News
Naturally, I was, too,” he replied. Don’t kiss your daughter like that; it’s inappropriate. Someone else reacted. It’s not natural; a second individual simultaneously repeated it. At the same moment, one user on social media stated, “[…] Stop kissing your daughter on the lips,” another user added. David seems to have a similar parenting style as his other kids.

David Beckham shares another photo of him kissing daughter on lips - despite that Piers Morgan row - North Wales Live

As a birthday homage, he shared a vintage photo of him kissing Romeo in September.

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