«Will Smith risks losing half of his $350 million fortune.What’s the reason?😱The actor’s wife revealed the details of her marriage, which amazed everyone.»

The past few days have seen a lot of talk about Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith’s personal lives. Which is therefore not unexpected. Jada finally disclosed what had been going on in her family in recent years in the interview she gave before the publication of her autobiography. According to the actress, she and her husband split up seven years ago.

Уилл Смит 7 лет не живет с женой, но разводиться не собирается | STARHIT

The actress then revealed a second tidbit that shocked many: she and Will neglected to execute a prenuptial agreement before getting married. This implies that Will will forfeit half of his $350 million fortune if they opt to divorce legally. The Sun reported on this.

Hollywood Reporter сообщил о приостановке съемок с Уиллом Смитом — РБК
As Jada explained, the lack of a contract was not a simple omission or a manifestation of frivolity for them, but a completely conscious decision. The fact is that before her wedding to Smith, which took place in 1997, she made a vow to her husband and herself. Jada promised that she would never, under any circumstances, divorce Will. And since she excluded the very possibility of divorce, drawing up and signing a marriage contract seemed pointless to both her and her husband.

Уилл Смит рискует потерять половину своего 350-миллионного состояния -  7Дней.ру

The couple is still not officially divorced, but now no one is sure that the dissolution of their completed marriage will not be legalized. And in this case, Jada’s fortune, which is currently almost seven times less than that of her husband, will be replenished with an impressive amount of $175 million.

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