😓«I remember the pain and fear: Britney Spears, who divorced from her husband, had an abortion on her own.»😱

Britney Spears, who separated from her third husband, does not let herself be forgotten. While Sam Asghari is trying to prove in court that his wife was not faithful to him throughout the year of their married life, the star wrote down a whole book of memories about all the phain that her exes inflicted on her.

Britney Spears reveals she had abortion with ex Justin Timberlake | FOX 2
The memoir “The Woman in Me” will be published just the other day, but for now, the most piquant moments are being pulled out of them to attract attention. In particular, about young Britney’s relationship with Justin Timberlake.
As it turned out, Spears could give birth at the age of 19 to her colleague and was ready to sacrifice her career for this. But Justin was not ready for this, believing that they were too young. And he persuaded his beloved to get rid of the child.

Justin Timberlake 'Focusing on His Own Family' Amid Britney Spears' Book  and Abortion Claim | 9news.com
For some reason, the failed parents decided not to resort to the help of doctors but to get rid of the fetus at home without telling anyone about it, not even their relatives.
The singer took a drug to terminate the pregnancy and died from pain on the bathroom floor for several hours. What was Timberlake doing at that moment? He played the guitar, believing that music would ease the suffering of his mistress.

Britney Spears says in 'Woman In Me' memoir she had abortion while dating  Justin Timberlake - ABC7 Los Angeles

She adds that she was in love with Justin, believed him, and hoped that in the future they would become a full-fledged family. That is why I succumbed to his persuasion to wait with the heirs. The singer believes that if she had decided on the child herself back then, she would never have gotten rid of him. About a year later, the couple separated.

Britney Spears reveals she had an abortion with ex Justin Timberlake: He  'didn't want to be a father' | news.com.au — Australia's leading news site

Timberlake claims that the reason for the breakup was his lover’s betrayal. What Britney thinks about this will become known in a few days.


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