«What Do Sandra’s 28-year-old Twin Sons Look Like? She Always Hides Them From the Public and Now We Know Why.»😲😍                                    

Singer Sandra first met her future husband and producer, Michel Cretu, in 1982. The couple had their twin kids in 1995 after a beautiful wedding that took place six years later.

Before breaking up owing to the producer’s actions, as Sandra later disclosed, Michel and Sandra had a blissful 17 years together. The parents kept their twin sons hidden from the public eye for a very long period of time.

In a conversation, Sandra said she complied with Michel Cretu’s wish to keep their sons out of the spotlight.

Sebastian and Nikita have now entered the public eye at the age of 28. The boys inherited their mother’s attractive features, and Sebastian adopted his mother’s musical legacy by pursuing a career in music.

Fans are praising “Mom’s handsome boys” and pointing out how much they resemble Sandra.

Warm wishes and blessings are expressed in abundance in the remarks for the handsome young guys, highlighting the good qualities they acquired from their well-known mother.

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