«Do You Remember The star of “Zita and Gita”? 😯 She flaunted her daughter with A Hooked Nose and Incredibly Large Eyes»! 😊`                                        

The great Hema Malini, star of the classic movie “Zita and Gita,” resists the passage of time at the age of 74. She is the epitome of ageless beauty. She recently displayed her 41-year-old daughter Esha Deol with pride, showcasing a remarkable similarity that cuts beyond generations.


Fans were astounded by the shared traits, pointing out how Esha got her mother’s recognizable hooked nose and enormous eyes.
Following in the legendary footsteps of her mother, Esha Deol has gracefully woven herself into the fabric of cinema as the daughter of a Bollywood luminary.

The eerie similarities between the mother and daughter were marveled at by admirers, who also noted their individual charms and valued the subtle parallels.

While some comments praised Esha for her beauty, others focused on the distinct appeal that was characteristic of Hema Malini’s time, implying that both ladies have magnetic presences in their own right.

In the internet discussion, opinions on the degree of similarity differ.

Some claim that Esha is a lovely woman in her own right, while others emphasize Hema’s unique feature that makes her stand out.

The commentary captures the continuing charm of ageless beauty, the obsession with Bollywood legacies, and the passing of time.































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