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Although Angelina Jolie hasn’t recently visited a set, recent paparazzi photos show an altered image of the actress. She wears a headscarf, vintage 1950s clothing, and big glasses to conceal her eyes in these photos.

However, this significant adjustment isn’t a sudden change in fashion; rather, it’s a makeover for a new role.
The biopic “Maria,” which follows the life of the illustrious soprano Maria Callas, is currently being filmed with Jolie.

The film, which will be directed by Pablo Larran, who is renowned for his biographical filmmaking prowess, will center on the singer’s final days, exploring her seclusion from the public and her struggle with an odd illness.

Larran, who received praise for his most recent picture, “Spencer,” which stars Kristen Stewart, has a talent for casting actresses in fascinating characters.
Jolie seemed to have effortlessly accepted her persona and adapted to the part. Notably, she is juggling motherhood duties as well because her oldest kid is with her on set.

Angelina Jolie looks stunning in first look pics as iconic opera singer  Maria Callas - Entertainment News


The Hollywood diva manages to juggle work and family by having coffee breaks, jokes, and advice sessions with her kid while filming. With eight more weeks of production remaining, interest is growing in Jolie’s portrayal of Maria Callas as conversations about Larran’s movies frequently continue long after their initial screenings. If all of Jolie’s children participate in supporting their talented mother, that is yet to be seen.


















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