«Following the terrifying auto accident in which he was seriously hurt, Kevin Hart broke his silence».😣💔

Kevin Hart, a well-known actor and comedian, recently encountered an unexpected circumstance that prompted him to share with his followers a lighthearted but stern message. As he neared the age of 44, Hart had an encounter that altered his viewpoint on aging and made him realize how crucial it is to acknowledge one’s limitations.

Kevin Hart breaks silence after horror car crash that left him critically  injured | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

He was seriously hurt in the back in the collision. A check of the car revealed evidence that no one had been using seatbelts.

Kevin Hart expected to make full recovery as photo shows mangling of car
In his most recent appearance on social media, Hart uploaded a video on Instagram that shows his progress since the hit in September.
In the video, he stated, “Since my injury, I’ve developed a completely new perspective on life.

Actor Kevin Hart seriously hurt in car crash | Durham Radio News

Don’t take today for granted because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, Hart said as he thanked the crowd for their “love and support.” I’m grateful for life and, more importantly, for God. I’m grateful that I’m still alive.

Kevin Hart vows to return to SA

He added, in response to the accident, “God basically told me to sit down.”

In the video, Hart is seen lying in a hospital bed, receiving nursing care, and standing up with the aid of a walking frame.

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